6 Best Sex Games (Adults Play Online)

Today we’re going over a few of the best adult games online.

6 Best Sex Games (Adults Play Online)

Because some sex simulators outshine others! – Then we’re not just talking about the hottest ones either. Let’s take it further by including those with unique concepts or storylines instead.

And of course, they’re mostly free to play!

Here’s an overview of the sex games:

1. 3DXChat


3DXChat may be classified as an adult game, but they bring a lot more to the table.

It’s a multiplayer online world for having sex with other players! – After signing up, simply create your character, then start talking to people. Before you know it, you’ll be trying out their dozens of sex positions!

Take note, many women play this game too, so it’s not just full of horny dudes. And with lifelike graphics, combined with real-time chatting, the possibilities are endless!

Overall, the entire experience is incredibly realistic, including the virtual sex too!

Play 3DXChat Now


  • Best lifelike porn game
  • Have sex online with girls
  • Massive virtual adult world


  • Not free. Still worth it
  • Ugly website, but good game
  • Must download a client

2. SexoClicker


SexoClicker has an idle game concept where you tap hot girls and progress levels.

There are 19 models available to unlock. – And it’s pretty much the best sex clicker game right now. Then each time you get a new babe, the next becomes harder to reach.

Along the way, players gain adult stats called “Inches” or “Pleasure”. Additionally, you can use power-ups like “Cuddling” and sex skills, such as “Thrust!”

They have dozens of these risque moves, which is explained in their FAQs for the browser game.

Play SexoClicker Now


  • Many unlockable girls
  • Hours of hot gameplay
  • No registration required


  • Limited interaction
  • Not mobile optimized
  • Can get too repetitive

3. JerkOff Mate

JerkOff Mate

JerkOff Mate redefines webcam streaming by combining it with an interactive adult game.

And this is the most hands-on type of online sex simulator possible! – Since they’re all about masturbating together, players get way more than a basic emulator.

What sets them apart is that you’re able to get on cam with your gaming partner. Then a tool even asks you questions and determines an ideal match for who you’d like to pair with.

So it’s certainly a step above simply watching for entertainment!

Play JerkOffMate Now


  • Wide range of women
  • New players get free tokens
  • Live models to choose from


  • Guests limited at first
  • Lack of game mechanics
  • Definitely not for everyone

4. Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator lets you create 3D animations that become your obedient sexual servants.

First off, players create realistic female avatars. – Then you can customize everything from boob or ass size to skin and hair color! Seriously, we want to emphasize there are so many options for personalizing characters.

Next, use the interactive buttons which make them do sexual deeds. For example, choose highly erotic acts like blowjobs, spanking or pussy-action!

Basically, it’s the ultimate sex game for making a 3D girl with a tailored appearance.

Play SexEmulator Now


  • Personalization features
  • Start customizing instantly
  • Easy-to-use action panel


  • Register to save characters
  • Feels somewhat ‘advertisey’
  • Options disabled for guests

5. Command Obey

Command & Obey

Commmand Obey is similar to a few other sex games we’ve discussed. But instead of having an avatar, you’re interacting with real pre-recorded women.

Order the models into whatever positions you want. – Afterward, they’ll obey by dropping to their knees and sucking off a dildo. Or you know, anything else you tell them to do!

Some options include showing specific body parts and using sex toys

Play Command Obey Now


  • Dances, sexual deeds, etc.
  • Good selection of hot girls
  • Directly obeys commands


  • Limited free ‘Gold’ for sex
  • Must register at some point
  • Guests don’t have all models

6. Nutaku Games

Nutaku Games

Nutaku splits its platform into categories, depending on the type of adult app.

Every game has a trailer, mostly consisting of anime babes with huge tits. – So if that sparks your interest, then you’ll be in hentai heaven here!

To start playing, you have to make a free account first. But it’s worth it because there are tons of good sex games available! After registering, go ahead and choose from browser, downloadable, or mobile apps.

Also, Nutaku constantly releases new titles, which they give sneak peeks for all the time.

Play Nutaku Now


  • Many hot anime girls
  • Available cross-device
  • Widest selection of titles


  • Vague video trailers
  • Lots of mobile-only apps
  • Have to pay for many games

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